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  1. Free Internet Stuff

    The Internet is a huge place that has literally shrunk the world. You can get online, type in what you are looking for into your favorite search engine and viola, you have thousands of sources to find what you want within seconds. This goes especially for finding FREE Internet Stuff. Twenty years ago that would have taken months and then you would only get a fraction of the sources you can get online.

    The Internet is clogged with free offers. Some good and some very suspect. With the growing issue of Identity Theft and online scams you want to know that the free offer you are applying for is legitimate. You also want to make sure you are getting a “high value product” and not some thing worthless. Finding Free Internet Stuff is an art and once you know the right things to look for you will be swimming in free products!

    In most cases all that is required is a valid e-mail address. They may request you take a free trial by giving your credit card number but this is normal and should not be alarming. This is how many companies can give away free internet stuff by letting you try their main product for free for a limited time. If you like the free product and the free trial is legit give it try. I’ve done it and got some great stuff. I got a drum set for my boys in one deal. I had to sign up for a few free trials. A few I kept and the others I canceled. I got a free drum set!

    How can you tell if a FREE trial is legit? Here are three tips to finding “Free Internet Stuff” and not getting ripped off:

    1) Do not respond to free offers that are sent to you unsolicited via e-mail or “spam”. If you didn’t ask for the information you should be very suspect of the company or individual sending you the information. Avoid these offers.

    2) Do a search from a reputable search engine like Google or Yahoo and the sites that get naturally high listings that are actual websites like freestuffonline or bestfreestuffonline will be reputable sites. There are many others. If they get natural search engine rankings they have been online for a long time are reputable. Make sure before you submit any personal information or credit card information they are a secure site. You can tell this by the little “Pad Lock” on the lower right corner of the form you are filling out.

    3) Make sure when you fill out the information you read the terms and conditions and write down or save all the information required to cancel your trial membership if one is requested to get your Free product. Many have an 800# you have to call and some are online. Save all the information!

    Remember finding free Internet Stuff can be fun and rewarding if you are careful and only work with reputable services. You can find just about anything for free or very low-cost so have fun and be careful. It is very possible to take these free products and sell them on e-bay for cash. So this can also be a fun home based business.

    Tracy Mullins is a freelance content writer who lives in Denver Colorado with his four boys. Tracy has a wide range of experience and enjoys writing to educate and help others how to find the best free deals online. You can read more about him and his recommended resources at:

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    free internet search for relevant results

    Comment by Ross Bodman | December 30, 2009 | Reply

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